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Intimate Portraiture

Welcome to my soul's work! This photography experience of intimate portraiture, or also known as "Wild and Bare" sessions, is poetic imagery that speaks to the curious, and those seeking a grounding experience while also celebrating being a human in all its natural forms. I offer these sessions outdoors, or in my studio located in Sunapee NH.  You do not need to be "bare" for these sessions, but I do encourage a natural approach, as not to distract from your purest self and the scenery around you. 


Wild and Bare Sessions

Wild and Bare is my offering to those that want to truly show up as themselves; whole, bare, and rooted in earth. Whether you are bathing in the wildflowers of summer, immersed in the purity of flowing waters, or getting in touch with your primal roots while digging in the dirt. This opportunity is for you. I believe true healing is obtained when we can allow ourselves to be present with the moment and accepting of who we are on every level. For being human is a wonderous gift and deserves to be celebrated in its purest form. 

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