If this is your first shoot, you may be wondering what-on-earth to wear, and it can feel a bit overwhelming not knowing where to start! Hopefully, this helps. 

First thing's first! Always choose what makes you most comfortable. If you aren't the type to wear a flowing gown, then don't force yourself! We aim to make our clients feel like themselves. Remember that we love to get our couples MOVING. This means dancing, twirling, walking, running. Wear something that you don't have to worry about constantly adjusting.

Colors are important! We are big on neutral, earthy tones. We tend to gravitate towards warmth so if we were to choose a favorite color of ours, it would indeed be a toss up between burnt yellow (mustard) or burnt orange/red. 

Try not to overly match one another. Sometimes it works, especially during the holiday season! Most love the classic black and red flannel combination but notice, in one of the images posted here, where it was worn differently by everyone in the family! If everyone were to wear the exact same shirt, naturally everyone would noticeably mesh together. In addition it's simply nice to have just one person wear a flannel shirt and all others wear a different solid color which matches. Avoid trying to pair flannel with floral!  

Texture and accessories! Throw on a jean jacket; wear a lace-dress or add a lace-shawl/vest over your outfit. Toss on a fun hat or beanie, especially in the colder months, with a colorful scarf. Bouquets are always a beautiful addition to an engagement or couples session! 

Footwear! Heels are always nice, but make sure you're ready to do a lot of walking and maybe even some dancing! We may even suggest going barefoot for beach shoots or fun summer sessions running through an open field. Men's shoes should be kept neutral with no bright logos that might be distracting. Black, brown, grey and tan shoes are always a safe choice. 

Speaking of logos, try to refrain from wearing shirts or hats that might have a big logo in a noticeable area. They can be distracting from the moment that is taking place in the photo. 


Client Closet

Anyone who books with us always has free access to our client closet!


Baltic Born Maxi

Size large. Very long, we recommend heals if you are below 5'6. Inquire for more photos.


Red Dress

Available in small and medium


Red Poncho

One size, fits most. We recommend a cami or long sleeve underneath.


Orange Print Dress

Size small. Very loose, can fit medium and possibly large. Below the knees.

Tan Corduroy Dress

Available in medium and large. Knee length for anyone under 5'6

More coming soon!

Same as above
Medium and Large
One size fits most. Also in white
Visit our friends at Sweet Honey Pie Boutique. They carry the most adorable outfits for your little ones next photo session! Also found on FB and IG.  


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