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Hannah & Tom's Adventurous Las Vegas Elopement

When it comes to tying the knot, not everyone wants a traditional, large-scale wedding. Some would rather showcase their love with a more intimate and adventurous day. That's exactly what Hannah & Tom, dear friends of ours, envisioned for their perfect day. When they got engaged, they had originally planned to get married in New Hampshire in the summer of 2020. After starting the planning process for a traditional wedding, they realized that it just wasn't for them. They wanted something more spontaneous and exciting, something that truly reflected their love for each other and their sense of adventure. So, they made the decision to have a Las Vegas elopement on Christmas Eve, surrounded only by a few close family members and friends. Let's chat a little about their love and their perfect elopement day in the heart of Sin City!

Hannah & Tom's Adventurous Las Vegas Elopement

Their Christmas Eve Las Vegas Elopement

Hannah & Tom's Las Vegas elopement was all about having an epic time with zero stress. They started their day by getting ready in a beautiful Airbnb apartment overlooking the city. Hannah had an impromptu boudoir session before having her first look with Tom. It only added to the sense of adventure running through their entire day. They had their first look at the Airbnb, and Tom was stunned by how amazing Hannah looked; it was adorable! We spent a little more time in the Airbnb celebrating, and getting ready before heading off on a night of love and adventure.

They tied the knot at the famous Little White Chapel. Their ceremony was so them, and they were both just so excited to be getting married! After the ceremony, they explored the lit-up streets of Las Vegas and hit up a few casinos.

One of the standout details of Hannah & Tom's Las Vegas elopement was the fact that it was on Christmas Eve. Hannah is obsessed with the holidays, so it was only natural that she picked Christmas Eve to say "I do." Their love for each other and the festive spirit of the season were so fun to captured in every photo.

Hannah & Tom's Adventurous Las Vegas Elopement

The Day After...

The day after their Las Vegas elopement, they really wanted some photos in the desert. So we drove to Valley of Fire State Park in Overton, Nevada, for some incredible portraits. You do need a permit to photograph in the park. So if this is your dream elopement location, be sure to talk with your photographer about permits for the area. We loved getting to capture their love in multiple settings. Having this photoshoot the day after, Hannah & Tom will have some more real and raw photos from their elopement day as well as some epic and aesthetic photos in the desert. Truly the best of both worlds! This location was so unique and stunning, it was so fun to capture Hannah & Tom's love here!

Hannah & Tom's Adventurous Las Vegas Elopement

Want to Elope in Las Vegas?

Hannah & Tom's Las Vegas elopement was a celebration of their love for each other and their adventurous life together. They had a couple of close family members and friends present for their day, and the intimacy of the event was so special. If you're thinking of planning an elopement in Las Vegas, let's chat about a few tips to make it the most perfect elopement day/weekend:

  1. Don't limit yourself to just photos in the city. Las Vegas is surrounded by beauty, and there are plenty of opportunities for incredible portraits in locations like Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon National Park, Seven Magic Mountains, or even Death Valley National Park.

  2. Plan for a day of adventure. Whether it's a trip to a state park for desert photos or a night out exploring the city, make sure to incorporate activities that reflect your personality and interests.

  3. Make the day your own. Hannah & Tom's elopement was all about creating an epic time with zero stress, and they did just that! Make sure your special day is centered around what you both love & enjoy.

Hannah & Tom's Adventurous Las Vegas Elopement

Take a Chance on Love

Hannah & Tom's Las Vegas elopement was a true testament to the power of love and the joy of adventure. They showed that a wedding doesn't have to be a traditional, stressful affair. It's possible to create an epic and memorable event that reflects your unique personality and interests. The couple's decision to elope on Christmas Eve added an extra layer of magic to their day. The best things in life are often the result of taking a chance and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Hannah & Tom's Las Vegas elopement is a story of love, adventure, and the spirit of Christmas. We hope you find all the inspiration in their photos for a Las Vegas elopement of your own!

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