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Hannah & Marc's Mount Washington Elopement in New Hampshire

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Have you been dreaming of eloping? Have you seen all those mountain elopements with stunning views, but thought "How do I get that without flying somewhere"? If you live in the New England area, then we've got the perfect elopement location for you! It's called Mount Washington and it's in New Hampshire. Now if you're from the New England area, you've probably heard of Mount Washington before, but I bet you had never thought about eloping there. In this blog, we'll chat a little about this gorgeous couple and their elopement in New Hampshire and a lot about how you can elope at Mount Washington!

If you're looking for stunning views while you say "I do!" then you'll want to keep reading to hear about all our insider tips + tricks to this elopement location. You may even want to take us along to capture your stunning Mount Washington elopement in New Hampshire. If you're already sold and want to chat head here! If you need to see a little more proof Mount Washington is the perfect elopement location, keep reading!

Hannah and Marc's Mount Washington Elopement in New Hampshire

Hannah + Marc + Their Unique Elopement in New Hampshire

Hannah and Marc were such an awesome couple and were truly up for anything. They started their elopement day at the bottom of Mount Washington for their ceremony. The weather was more calm and the views overlooking the presidential range was stunning. It did rain a little for their ceremony, but nothing they couldn't handle. Although, we could see storm clouds hovering just over the peak of Mount Washington. After the ceremony with friends and family, we headed up the mountain for some portraits and alone time.

The higher we got on the mountain the more intense the weather became. Mount Washington is known for unpredictable weather, but it was on another level this day! Hannah + Marc were such good sports and trusted our insight. We drove pretty close to the top to start. The fog was so thick and the wind was unforgiving, but it made for some gorgeous photos! The weather was seriously intense and kept changing every few minutes. The weather, honestly, added to the aesthetic of these elopement photos. You can feel the emotion and love that much more when you have the wind and rain in the background. We love how you can still see all the stunning views that Mount Washington has to offer, but the fog is there to draw your eye back to the couple!

After snapping a few photos at the top, we tried to get them out of the elements and drove a little farther down where the clouds broke. The views continued to get more and more stunning as we went throughout the day. Towards the end of their elopement day, we were hit with huge gusts of wind and rain. We all laughed through it and Hannah + Marc snuggled up for warmth while taking in the amazing day they just had.

Hannah and Marc's Mount Washington Elopement in New Hampshire

Eloping at Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the perfect place for an elopement in New Hampshire. The views and location are truly right out of a story book. If you are someone who loves the aesthetic of epic, sweeping mountain views but hate the idea of hiking hours to get there... Mount Washington is the perfect elopement location for you! There is an auto road, that we used for this elopement, that takes you pretty close to the top. We drove up the Mount Washington auto road for this elopement and stopped at all the best spots for photos from different viewpoints and scenery.

The best time to elope, if you want to elope at Mount Washington, is between June and September. Any other time roads can be closed and you'll deal with some pretty intense weather. For reference, this elopement was in late July.

For the ceremony, we always recommend having it at the base of Mount Washington, like we did for this elopement. There is also a waterfall a couple miles down the road, Glen Ellis Falls. We've photographed an elopement ceremony at the falls as well. Both the base of Mount Washington and Glen Ellis Falls are stunning backdrops! It's also so nice that they are so close together. You really can't go wrong! For more info on the Glen Ellis Falls, head here.

Hannah and Marc's Mount Washington Elopement in New Hampshire

Tips for the Best Mount Washington Elopement in New Hampshire

Okay so we've convinced you that a Mount Washington elopement is your dream elopement location. Now let's chat where to stay and what to do on the days you aren't saying "I do!" (or maybe even the morning of). First off, we always recommend staying at the Glen House. It's right next to the Mount Washington auto road, and it's a gorgeous hotel with stunning views. They have a restaurant on site, if you don't want to leave the hotel. It's the perfect place for a little getaway with your lover.

The Mount Washington area is definitely for the outdoor lovers. A lot of the activities to do around the area include: hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and kayaking. The views while doing these activities though... stunning. There are the Great Glen Trails right behind The Glen House that you can hike or bike. You can rent bikes from the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center right across the street from the hotel. They have lots of different rentals there pending time of year, as well! If you decided against Glen Ellis Falls for your ceremony location, you could check out the falls! There are several swimming holes in the area as well. So if you want to cool off on a hot summer day, you can take a plunge. For stunning views of the presidential range and Mount Washington, head to Square Ledge. It's an easy 1 mile out and back hike with super rewarding views.

Ready to Elope in New Hampshire?

We hope this has convinced you to have your elopement in New Hampshire and that Mount Washington is the perfect elopement location. If not, we've got even more inspiration for you with Hannah + Marc's gallery below. We absolute love their elopement photos and the aesthetic for their day. If you're looking for a photographer for your own elopement in New Hampshire or anywhere in the world, we'd love to chat! Fill out our contact form and we'll starting chatting about your love story and perfect elopement day!

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