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Casey & Patrick's Mountain Engagement Photos

Have you been dreaming of moody, romantic mountain engagement photos? We've got just the inspiration for you! Casey & Patrick's engagement gallery is full of stunning mountain engagement photo inspiration, and we can't wait to share it with you. Casey & Patrick are the sweetest couple. They really took the time to enjoy this time together and the entire experience of engagement photos. Any prompt we threw their way, they nailed. The day was filled with joy, laughter, and great conversation!

The location of these mountain engagement photos is a loosely, well kept New Hampshire secret, but we're letting you in on the secret today! Casey & Patrick chose the perfect outfits for this location, as well. They didn't clash with the stunning landscape, and we loved that they went with different vibes for both outfits. One dressy and one more casual. Casey & Patrick's intimate wedding is coming up in June. We could not be more excited to capture their love on the coast of Cape Cod! Definitely, keep your eyes peeled for their wedding blog this summer. We won't get too ahead of ourselves though, let's chat more about these mountain engagement photos and the stunning location!

Casey + Patrick's Mountain Engagement Photos

Pitcher Mountain Engagement Photos

So remember how we said this location was a well kept secret. Well, we weren't lying! These mountain engagement photos were taken on the top of Pitcher Mountain. It's located in Stoddard, New Hampshire, and normally only locals know about it. We kind of wanted to gate keep this, but couldn't not share this stunning location. (Just wait till you see the rest of the gallery!) If you aren't one who loves hiking (or walks in general) this is your perfect location for mountain engagement photos! It's a super easy 10-15 minute hike to the top. When you reach the top, it almost seems too good to be true for these incredible views in every direction.

If you're looking for those warm, moody vibes, we recommend a photoshoot at sunrise or sunset. The summit is very open, and if you try to take photos here midday there is no where to hid from the bright sun! If you're someone looking for an activity to do for your engagement photos or want to make a date day out of your engagement photoshoot, this is the perfect location for it! Pitcher Mountain is covered in blueberry bushes. So if you time is just right, usually mid/end July, you can add a blueberry picking date to the day or even as a part of your mountain engagement photos! For even more details on Pitcher Mountain and the trail to the summit, check out this website. It'll give you an inside look on what to expect as well as more info surrounding the mountain and the trail.

Casey + Patrick's Mountain Engagement Photos

This Moody, Mountain Engagement Photo Session

The weather for this session could not make up it's mind. We almost canceled due to the weather forecast, but we decided to just wing it and work with whatever weather we were given. The session could not have been timed more perfectly, though! Right as we drove up, we saw the dark, dramatic storm clouds roll on out. We even got a rainbow for a few minutes! The session was filled with amazing weather and, of course, stunning, romantic photos. We ended out the session with some pretty intense winds, which honestly made for some amazing, dramatic photos. Casey's hair and dress picked up the wind perfectly and those photos are some of our favorite from the gallery!

We started to see some storm clouds rolling back in, and decided to call it. They got closer and closer as we went down the mountain, and right before we reached our cars a torrential down pour started. By the time we got to our cars, we were soaked but laughing through it! It was such a fun mountain engagement photos session. We cannot wait to share some more of Casey & Patrick's engagement gallery with you. We hope you love them just as much as we do!

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